Eligibility & Licensure

To be eligible for the ophthalmology residency program, applicants must have by the beginning date of the appointment (1) graduated from an accredited medical school, (2) satisfactorily completed an approved internship. A straight surgical internship is not recommended. Matriculation into a PGY-2 year of training at the University of Pittsburgh is contingent upon the applicant's having successfully passed either (1) parts I, II, and III of the National Boards/USMLE; or (2) Flex I (exam effective 1984); or (3) Flex (exam prior to 1984).

Several excellent internship programs are available in the Pittsburgh area. Resident applicants are invited to apply individually to the internships of their choice. The Department of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh sponsors one-year Preliminary and Transitional Internships. For information about these programs, you should contact The Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, UPMC Montefiore, N 713, 200 Lothrop Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (412-692-4942). The Department of Medicine will make every effort to coordinate an internship interview should you be invited for an ophthalmology residency interview. If you apply for an internship with the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine, please indicate that you are also applying for an ophthalmology residency in our program.