Biomedical Visualization Laboratory

Principal Investigator

Kira L. Lathrop, MAMS
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Co-director, Imaging Module
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Swanson School of Engineering/ Bioengineering

Lab Personnel


Research Interests

Imaging, microscopy, image analysis and quantitation, the Palisades of Vogt, optical coherence tomography, imaging ethics

Select Recent Publications

  1. Yun H, Lathrop KL, Yang E, Sun M, Kagemann l, Fu V, Stolz DB, Schuman JS, Du Y. A Laser-Induced Mouse Model with Long-Term Intraocular Pressure Elevation. PloS One 2014 Sep 12;999):e107446. DOI: 10.1371/journal pone.0107446. ecollection 2014.
  2. Sanfilippo PG, Grimm JL, Flanagan JG, Lathrop KL, Sigal IA. Application of Elliptic Fourier Analysis to Describe the Lamina Cribrosa Shape with Age and Intraocular Pressure. Exp. Eye Res. 2014 Sep 2; 128C:1-7. DOI: 10.1016/jexer.2014.08.013 [Epub ahead of print]
  3. Ksander BR, Paraskevi EK, Wilson BJ, Saab KR, Guo Q, Ma J, McGuire SP, Gregory MS, Vincent WJB, Perez VL, Cruz-Guilloty F, Kao WWY, Call MK, Tucker BA, Zhan Q, Murphy GF, Lathrop KL, Alt C, Mortensen LJ, Lin CP, Zieske JD, Frank MH, Frank NY. ABCB5 is a Limbal Stem Cell Gene Required for Corneal Development and Repair. Nature 02 July 2014 DOI 10.1038/nature13426
  4. Syed-Picard FN, Du Y, Lathrop KL, Mann M, Funderburgh ML, Funderburgh JL. Dental Pulp Stem Cells: a New Cellular Resource for Corneal Stromal Regeneration. Stem Cells Trans Med 03Jun14 in press
  5. Yun H, Rowe AM, Lathrop KL, Harvey SA, Hendricks RL. Reversible nerve damage and cornea pathology in murine herpes simplex stromal keratitis J Virol. 2014 Jul 15;88(14):7870-80. DOI 10.1128/JVI.01146-14. Epub 2014 Apr 30.
  6. Lathrop KL, Steketee MB. Mitochondrial Dynamics in Retinal Ganglion Cell Axon Regeneration and Growth Cone Guidance. J Ocul Biol. 2013 Sep 21;1(2):9.
  7. Medina CA, Rowe AM, Yun H, Knickelbein JE, Lathrop KL, Hendricks RL. Azithromycin Treatment Increases Survival of High-Risk Corneal Allotransplants. Cornea 2013 May;32(5):658-66. PMID:23407315
  8. Fu J, Fang W, Zou J, Sun M, Lathrop K, Su G, Wei X. A Robust Procedure for Distinctively Visualizing Zebrafish Retinal Cell Nuclei Under Bright Field Light Microscopy. J Histochem Cytochem 2013 March;61(3);248-56. PMID:23204114
  9. Swamynathan S, Buela KA, Kinchington P, Lathrop KL, Misawa H, Hendricks RL, Swamynathan SK. Klf4 regulates the expression of Slurp1, which functions as an immunomodulatory peptide in the mouse cornea. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2012 Nov 8. doi:pii: iovs.12-10759v1. 10.1167/iovs.12-10759. (Epub ahead of print) Pubmed pmid: 23139280
  10. Thomas SM, Sahu B, Rapireddy S, Bahal R, Wheeler SE, Procopio EM, Kim J, Joyce SC, Contrucci S, Wany Y, Chiosea SI, Lathrop KL, Watkins S, Grandis JR, Armitage BA, Ly DH. Antitumor Effects of EGFR Antisense Guanidine-based Pep-tide Nucleic Acids in Cancer Models. ACS Biological Chemistry 2013 Feb15;8(2):345-352. PMID: 23113581

Contact Information

Kira L. Lathrop
Assistant Professor
EEINS-1032, 203 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh PA 15213