Jamie Odden, MD

  • Third Year Resident in Ophthalmology

I eat a vegan diet and live an active lifestyle - from daily running to yoga; from weight lifting to destination backpacking.  Most of the time, you will find me running the hills of Pittsburgh, which I absolutely love compared to the flatlands of my hometown in Fargo, North Dakota.  I also happen to be lucky enough to be learning ophthalmology at UPMC with amazing colleagues and staff, who define the program.  I'm passionate about not only providing the best quality care for individual patients, but also connecting this care to public health ophthalmology.  My passion for public health was inspired by past experiences with:  a surgery team in Haiti, homeless guests and healthcare professionals at a homeless shelter in Nebraska, public health colleagues at Johns Hopkins, as well as local individuals whom I met through homestays while backpacking in the Sinai, Jordan, and the Himalayas.  Though the definition of "the self" is tenuous at best, our past experiences shape who we are, and this should provide you with a clue about who I am.