Retina Fellowship

Program Description

The University of Pittsburgh is a two-year clinical fellowship encompassing all aspects of medical and surgical retina.

This is an intensive two-year comprehensive training program which aims to provide the highest possible level of clinical education concerning the diagnosis and management of surgical and medical diseases involving the retina and vitreous. Relatively newly re-organized the two-year retina fellowship provides ample opportunity and time for clinical training a well as clinical and basic science research.
During this fellowship, fellows work closely with the faculty in the clinics and operating room, and learn to provide the most up-to-date care utilizing the most recent results of clinical trials. In the clinics, expertise is developed in the diagnosis and management of retinal vascular diseases, macular degeneration, retinal inflammatory diseases, vitreoretinal diseases the fellows will participate actively in performing such procedures as laser photocoagulation, cryopexy, photodynamic therapy, and pharmacologic therapy. In the operating room, extensive experience is gained in scleral buckling, sub retinal fluid drainage (various techniques and methods) as well as advanced vitrectomy techniques, both standard and 25 gauge. The University of Pittsburgh is a major trial center and the fellows will gain experience in the principles and methods of clinical research.

Under the mentorship of Drs. Thomas Friberg, Andrew Eller, Alexander Anetakis, Denise Gallagher, Joseph Martel, Mahmood Shah and Kunal Dansingani, the fellowship offers comprehensive training in the medical and surgical management of a wide variety of vitreoretinal diseases, including retinal detachment, retinal vascular disease, macular disease, intraocular tumors, uveitis, proliferative vitreoretinopathy, trauma, and pediatric retinal disorders. Through progressively increasing participation, the fellow will gain autonomy in clinical decision-making and treatment. The majority of time is spent in the Retina Service of the University of Pittsburgh. The rotation may also be partly spent at the neighboring Veterans’ Administrative Hospital.

The active teaching program includes regular lectures, Grand Rounds, research conferences, journal clubs, and departmental and regional fluorescein conferences. Presentation of original research at national conferences will be encouraged and supported. In addition, the fellows participate in teaching conferences, and relevant clinical and /or research projects for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Teaching Faculty

Alexander Anetakis, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

Jay Chhablani, MD
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Kunal K. Dansingani, MD
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Andrew W. Eller, MD
Professor of Ophthalmology
Director, Ocular Trauma Service

Marie Hélène Errera, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Thomas R. Friberg, MD
Professor of Ophthalmology
Director, Retina Fellowship Program
Director, Medical and Retinal Surgical Diseases

Denise Gallagher, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

Joseph Martel, MD
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

Syed Mahmood Shah, MD
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Colin Prensky, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

José-Alain Sahel, MD
Distinguished Professor and Chairman,
Department of Ophthalmology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Exceptional Class Professor at Sorbonne Université, Paris
The Eye and Ear Foundation Endowed Chair
Medical Retina Service


Contact Information

Siobahn Gallagher
Academic Program Manager
Eye & Ear Institute
203 Lothrop Street, Rm 821.1
Pittsburgh, PA 15213