Charles & Louella Snyder Ocular Development, Disease and Regeneration Laboratory

Principal Investigator

Jeffrey M. Gross, PhD

Professor of Ophthalmology
E. Ronald Salvitti Chair in Ophthalmology Research
Director, Louis J. Fox Center for Vision Restoration
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Lab Personnel

Si Chen, MD, Visiting Scholar
Shea Heilman, Graduate Student
Lyndsay Leach, PhD, Research Scientist
Jiwoon Lee, PhD, Senior Research Scientist
Fangfang Lu, Visiting Scholar
Mishal Rao - Graduate Student

Research Interests

Our research focuses on vertebrate eye development, disease and regeneration utilizing the zebrafish as a model system. Combining forward genetic screens with reverse genetic and embryological manipulations we hope to understand the molecular, cellular and developmental events that regulate eye formation and visual function. Current areas of interest in the lab include studies focusing on:

  1. Epigenetic regulation of retinal development
  2. RPE regeneration
  3. Optic cup morphogenesis and choroid fissure closure and
  4. RGC neuroprotection

Our research combines molecular, cellular, biochemical, genomic/epigenomic and in vivo imaging techniques to address these questions. It is our hope that these studies will ultimately lead to a better understanding of visual system disorders such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and ocular colobomata that often result in blindness in afflicted patients.


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Ocular Development, Disease and Regeneration Laboratory
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Contact Information

Jeff Gross, PhD
BST-3 10047, 3501 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213