Corneal Cell Biology Laboratory

James L. Funderburgh, PhD
Professor of Ophthalmology
Professor, Cell Biology & Physiology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Lab Personnel

Martha Funderburgh (Lab Manager and Sr. Research Technician)
Moira Geary (Research Technician)
Mary Mann (Research Technician)

Research Interests

The Funderburgh lab focuses on the cornea, an organ that provides a visual portal to the world. The connective tissue of the cornea is extremely tough, and transparent to light. It also presents a significant biological barrier to infection. In millions of individuals, worldwide, however the cornea has lost its transparency due to disease or trauma. Corneal scarring can disrupt vision permanently. Our work focuses on the biological processes that produce and maintain the unique connective tissue of the cornea as well as the pathological changes that occur during scarring. These involve studies of extracellular matrix molecules and how they influence cell behavior.

Our work extends to studies designed to reverse the scarring process or replace scarred cornea with bioengineered cornea tissue. Over the past few years we have explored the use of stem cells to restore corneal transparency. Using nanofiber scaffolding we found that stem cells produce a tissue identical to that of the transparent tissue of the cornea. We are developing this material to serve as replacement of corneal tissue in scarred eyes. I addition we have found that adult stem cells induce regeneration of corneal tissue, removing pathological tissue and replacing it with organized transparent new tissue. These adult cells can be obtained autologously, allowing individuals to treated with their own cells. Our lab is actively investigating the mechanism by which adult stem cells induce tissue regeneration and is developing an approach to clinical trials for using corneal stem cells to treat blindness.

Select Recent Publications

  1. Wu J, Du Y, Watkins SC, Funderburgh JL, Wagner WR. The engineering of organized human corneal tissue through the spatial guidance of corneal stromal stem cells. Biomaterials 2011 November 10.
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Contact Information

James L. Funderburgh, Ph.D.
EEINS-1011, 203 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh PA 15213